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Promo site

Promo site is intended for acquaintance of visitors with the basic directions of activity of the organization, production and technologies. Distinctive feature of image site is strictly sustained style of design according to color scale of a trade mark and other attributes of company or product. However it does not mean application of typical decisions in the field of design. Very often new conceptual ideas of designers are realized on promo and image sites.

Quite often promo sites realize with application of flash technologies.

On such site will quite often organize various competitions, quizes with the purpose of attraction of attention to the goods or services. Also often site contains sections of screensavers and wall-papers that users informally advertised a site.

Frequent element of such sites also are various games, participation in which gives the certain bonuses or discounts for purchase of the advertised goods or service. The table of records displaying leaders is in that case entered. Games can be interactive, with carrying out of game with several participants simultaneously.

Quizes are applied to attraction of attention to history of a product or service, acquaintance with authors, etc. Quizes can be as single-level, and to have complex structure of carrying out with the organization of cup system. One of means of attraction of users also is chat, allowing to communicate in a real time.

Time of realization of such project can vary from several days for simple sites about several months with constant change in the subsequent.

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Timing and cost

Cost of our services and products.

Corporate site
Timeline: 3-5 weeks     Price: from 1000 Euro
Promo site
Timeline: from 4 weeks     Price: from 800 Euro
Information site (TV, online news, etc.)
Timeline: from 5-6 weeks     Price: from 1200 Euro
Entertaining portal
Timeline: from 6 weeks     Price: from 1700 Euro
Ecommerce solution
Timeline: from 4 weeks     Price: from 1000 Euro
Timeline: -     Price: from 10 Euro / hour

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