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Tree of parts of web site

Deliveryand Subscription

Module allow to delivery mail to subscibers. Each subscriber can have different categories of subscription. Also system include automatic mail delivery script that  prepare and send lettars automaticaly.


Poll system allow users to take patt in voiting process for different questions.

Set home page / Add to favorites

Typical services that can be done using web browser or links on site

Send to friend

Service allow user to send link to page to his friends using form on web site.

Print version

CMS consist submodule that allow to get print version of each page.

Statistic system

Opportunities of the module::

  • Data about visitors: when came, whence, how many pages looked through, how many time visited a site for a month, all time;
  • Search engines: when and how many income, search words;
  • Referers and domains: from where come, when, how many income, referers url;
  • Parts of site: visiting of parts, include cataloges categories, elements;
  • Languges: visiting of languages;
  • Search words: analysys of all words;
  • Behaviour of visitors on a site: referers, path on a site;

Possibility  of other statistics, for example count of item orders, files downloading, etc.


System contains the big number of ready modules for every possible tasks. Application of ready solutions helps to reduce time of development of a site and to do it on testing software. Accordingly cost of development of a site on CMS decreases in comparison with development of a site without CMS.

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