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Web utilites

Web utilites

Web utilities represent various additional services for the Internet sites. They can be classified as follows:

  • Systems of statistics;
  • Systems of attraction of users;
  • Advertising services;
  • Systems - informers;
  • other.

Systems of statistics are intended for gathering and processing of statistical data about visitings sites, transitions, actions of users, etc. Frequently opportunities of standard counters not enough (various additional reports, the account of actions, the analysis of behaviour of buyers, etc. are required). Additional specialized systems of gathering and the account of statistics are in that case created.

Systems of attraction of users are intended for increase of attendance of a site and attraction of potential clients. Usually it is various partner programs, systems of forwarding, etc.

Advertising services are the oldest and basic way of attraction of visitors. These are various banner networks, search advertising services, etc. Systems - informers are intended for distribution of the information of a resource on other sites. Usually it is news lines, weather, exchange rates, indexes, etc.

Timing and cost

Cost of our services and products.

Corporate site
Timeline: 3-5 weeks     Price: from 1000 Euro
Promo site
Timeline: from 4 weeks     Price: from 800 Euro
Information site (TV, online news, etc.)
Timeline: from 5-6 weeks     Price: from 1200 Euro
Entertaining portal
Timeline: from 6 weeks     Price: from 1700 Euro
Ecommerce solution
Timeline: from 4 weeks     Price: from 1000 Euro
Timeline: -     Price: from 10 Euro / hour
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