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Web sites development

Web sites development

Development of sites is the basic kind of activity of our company. We do the majority of kinds the Internet of sites: from promo sites up to information portals and system of electronic commerce. In time our work we have developed the certain approach to process of creation of sites. This approach is applied by us in each project. The essence of the developed methodology consists in following stages:

1. An estimation of subjects of a created site;
2. Development of the offer containing the general description of structure of a resource, blocks and modules;
3. Creation of the Technical project for the future project;
4. Development of a program part of the project;
5. Accommodation of a site on a server (without design);
5. The help to the customer in preparation of materials and entering of the information on a site;
6. Creation of breadboard models of design and their completion with the customer;
7. A binding of design to a program part;
8. Registration of a ready site in search engines and catalogues;
9. Support of new web site with garantee and postgarantee process.

All process borrows from 3 till 6 weeks (for big project we need more time). Advantage of this process consists that at 4 stage the customer can already bring ready content on a site. Thus, after a binding of design the site  is completely ready. The economy of time makes approximately 2-3 weeks for typical corporate web site (time for creation of breadboard models of design, their change for the customer, and a binding).

Feature of our company is that first steps (the analysis of subjects, creation of the offer, and frequently and UseCase) is done by us absolutely free of charge (here you can issue the application for the offer).

We do the majority of our works on the basis of Webo CMS. This product allows to save time of development that affects a total cost of the project. Besides it due to constant development of a product customers have an opportunity constantly to improve the sites due to application of new modules and solutions. One more advantage of application Webo CMS is its reliability (due to check on many sites).

If CMS does not allow to solve those or other needs of the client, we can always realize separate solutions without application CMS, or modernize a product under requests of customers.

Corporate site

The most widespread variant of an advertising site, which necessity it is checked up by time, therefore each company aspires to declare itself for the whole world by means of own corporate site in Internet.

Such site is developed on the basis of set of sections and contains the information of the company (its purposes, features, vacancies, the contact information) and its production and services. In case of with large brands separately the site of the company, and separately - sites of various trade marks or kinds of the goods sometimes is created.

Promo site

Promo site today is necessary attribute of advertising of any company applying for success. It serves as the original card and has for an object to acquaint visitors with novelties, actions of the company. By development of promo site design company style, colors is considered, but always there is a place for creative imagination.

Information site (TV, online news, etc.)

The information resource is intended for inform of visitors with the latest news of policy, sports, culture, etc. Often information site represents the electronic version of real printed or electonic mass-media (TV / radio, etc.).

Entertaining portal

Entertaining portals presently are a popular place of pastime of users. Кesource usually contains дшіе of sections of various character and that (photos, jokes, histories and so forth) and services (sending of cards, download music, films, etc.).

Ecommerce solution

In 21 century online shops is useful system of commerce. Site gives users possibility to look through the information on the goods of shop and to make orders on-line. System also allow user to make payments online using several online pay systems (paypal, webmoney, visa / mastercard and so on).


Company Webo is ready to consider your applications for original projects.

Timing and cost

Cost of our services and products.

Corporate site
Timeline: 3-5 weeks     Price: from 1000 Euro
Promo site
Timeline: from 4 weeks     Price: from 800 Euro
Information site (TV, online news, etc.)
Timeline: from 5-6 weeks     Price: from 1200 Euro
Entertaining portal
Timeline: from 6 weeks     Price: from 1700 Euro
Ecommerce solution
Timeline: from 4 weeks     Price: from 1000 Euro
Timeline: -     Price: from 10 Euro / hour
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