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Outsourcing - transfer on performance of the certain functions to the foreign contractors specializing this area. Professionalism and experience of developers of the company allows to carry out various projects of clients.

Advantages of outsourcing:

  • Economy of time: there is no necessity to create a necessary infrastructure, to extend staff of developers, to carry out process of the detailed control over performance;
  • Team work: our experts work in one command already long time that provides work at a high command level;
  • Deprecication of development: cost of works of the company is usual less than cost of creation of the same project own forces (there is no necessity to allocate workplaces, to buy additional equipment, etc.);
  • Generation of new ideas: foreign developers can look at the project from, offer new services or improvements;

Our company carries out performance of following works on outsourcing

  • software development;
  • Creation of design of program systems, sites;
  • Manufacturing of accompanying graphic elements: banners, logotypes, icons;
  • Analytical researches in the field of Internet, consulting;
  • Creation of the technical documentation for various projects;
  • support and impovement  of existing Internt / intranet projects,

Our company works with following technologies::

  • Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, Active Flash;
  • DataBase: MySQL, Postgress;
  • Representation: HTML, DHTML;
  • Multimedia: Flash, Stream audio / video;

If you are interested in delegation of own projects, contact us for reception of consultations and discussion of details of the project.

Timing and cost

Cost of our services and products.

Corporate site
Timeline: 3-5 weeks     Price: from 1000 Euro
Promo site
Timeline: from 4 weeks     Price: from 800 Euro
Information site (TV, online news, etc.)
Timeline: from 5-6 weeks     Price: from 1200 Euro
Entertaining portal
Timeline: from 6 weeks     Price: from 1700 Euro
Ecommerce solution
Timeline: from 4 weeks     Price: from 1000 Euro
Timeline: -     Price: from 10 Euro / hour
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