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Intranet / intermet applications

Intranet / intermet applications

Our company has wide experience in creation the Internet / intranet applications. For 5 years we created various systems:

  • Document management system;
  • HR control systems;
  • Control purchases and delivery systems (procurement system);
  • Electronic commerce (partnership programs and etc);
  • Online order systems (for tourism).

All systems were written for the use with simple requirements to software. Using of systems is carried out through an ordinary browser.

Such variant of use provides high scalability. If necessary addition of a new workplace in system is not present necessity to buy to establish additional software. Thus there is an opportunity of work with systems through the Internet. It allows to work with them far off, without a binding to office.

All systems are written on the basis of open source software (Apache, PHP, MySQL). In base of OS for such systems we recommend to use *nix systems (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.).

Timing and cost

Cost of our services and products.

Corporate site
Timeline: 3-5 weeks     Price: from 1000 Euro
Promo site
Timeline: from 4 weeks     Price: from 800 Euro
Information site (TV, online news, etc.)
Timeline: from 5-6 weeks     Price: from 1200 Euro
Entertaining portal
Timeline: from 6 weeks     Price: from 1700 Euro
Ecommerce solution
Timeline: from 4 weeks     Price: from 1000 Euro
Timeline: -     Price: from 10 Euro / hour
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