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Webo NMaker

Webo NMaker

Information system for TV and radio companies, intended for automation of preparation process of news releases.

Nmaker - information system for TV and radio companies, intended for automation of preparation process of news releases. The basic function of system is maintenance of document circulation in newsroom. IS allows employees to distributively create news releases on the basis of more simple elements.

The system is formed on the basis of 3 level Internet / Intranet architecture. The browser is used as clients. It allows to simplify introduction of system, its updating. Also it enables distant usage of several distant offices / separate journalists for process organization.

At IS introduction existing processes of the company are analyzed and software is adapted for them. Also at installation the existing information of contact directories and video archive is exported. At present NMaker is used by the 5 channel as a system of news preparation.

Company Webo expresses gratitude to staff of the 5 channel and personally to Roman Skrypin for his help in creation, improvement and introduction of the system.

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5 years of experience
In a flow 5 years of work we realized hundreds of different projects, thousands of code lines are written, ten of thousands make-up's of pages , hundreds of models is drawn. We thank to our clients and partners for their help in creation and support of our company. We hope on a further fruitful and creative collaboration in realization of new internet / intranet projects.
Company move to new office
Comnpany have new office: Kyiv, Saksaganskogo strt, 53/80, office 905
4 years expirience
Our company become 4 years old . For the last year we create 14 web sites, system NMaker, embedded on a 5 channel. Also we develop a few information systems, new possibilities added in CMS.
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